Buying A New Property?

There may be unseen environmental hazards on your property from previous hazardous chemical spills. We can help identify potential contaminants through a Phase I ESA. Contact us to schedule one today.

We Provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are an integral part of the due diligence and decision-making process for lending or buying properties. It’s important you know whether your property is potentially contaminated, which could cost you thousands to clean up. (Read our Phase I ESA Frequently Asked Questions page).

Our environmental professionals at Best in the West Safety can provide you with an in-depth Phase I ESA report that meets the most current ASTM Standards for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment includes:

  • A Site Inspection
  • Research on Adjacent Properties
  • A review of historical documentation (i.e. fire insurance maps, city directories and aerial photographs)
  • A review of hazardous material and petroleum product storage, spill and disposal records
  • Local, regional and state agency file review
  • Interviews with the property owner, tenants and property managers
  • A preparation of a report documenting the findings, conclusions and recommendations

Ready For A Phase I ESA?

Contact us so we can talk about scheduling a Phase I ESA for the property you’re buying.