SCBA Monthly Flow Testing, Repairs and Annual Inspections

Draeger SCBAAirpak SCBA60 Minute SCBA

Whether you have MSA, Draeger, Scott or other breathing apparatus they must be flow tested annually by a certified inspector according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Best in the West Safety’s personnel are trained and authorized to perform your annual and monthly maintenance on your SCBA equipment.

SCBA services include:

  • SCBA Repair
  • SCBA Maintenance
  • SCBA Fit Testing
  • SCBA Annual Flow Test

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)?

A Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is a vital personal protection equipment (PPE) that protects workers by providing them with a continuous supply of fresh air for a specified amount of time. A typical SCBA includes a full face mask, air-line regulator, and an air tank. These are used by both fire fighters and emergency responders when there is the threat of air contamination from hazardous chemicals or other atmospheric risk to worker's health.

Inspecting Your SCBA

Visual inspections on the equipment prior to each use and once a month is required for these sets. SCBAs require an annual flow testing and maintenance after each use. 

Regular inspections are required to ensure that your SCBAs are properly functioning and meet the specifications of the manufacturer. NFPA 1852 “Standard on the Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Open-Circuit Breathing Apparatus” mandates, all compliant SCBA be tested once per year at a minimum on a calibrated breathing machine before being placed back into service.

Using an SCBA requires that the end user conduct basic inspections each month to ensure the regulator low pressure warning alarm is functioning properly on activation. The inspector is required to verify and ensure the SCBA is performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the worker’s safety and health. Unlike a basic inspections that is performed prior to each use, a functional test of the SCBA is measured using specialized equipment, a certified operator who is approved and certified by the manufacturer to conduct the breathing machine flow test on the SCBA.

We Inspect SCBAs

Our certified SCBA and mask respiratory protection specialists are available to work with your company’s specific equipment to perform the monthly flow tests, inspect and verify the equipment is operational and provide Quantitative Fit Testing for your workers.

Routine check and maintenance

Every manufacturer requires their SCBAs to have routine maintenance and to be evaluated for their fit for use. SCBA sets must be checked monthly to verify they are in good working condition for when an emergency arises and they must be placed into service. Inspections of the SCBA bottle, air lines, fittings, straps, rubber components, regulators are required to verify the rubber face masks and straps are not deteriorated and are in good working condition.

The face masks should be wiped down with a mild disinfectant (approved by the manufacturer) and then rinsed under running water. Wipe dry before putting back into storage. Always store the equipment inside. It is preferred to store them in the manufacturer’s original cases to ensure they are protected from the elements and adverse environmental conditions. Perform Pre-Use Checks after every maintenance and prior to use.

Remember the Three Required Inspections for your SCBA:

  1. Pre-Use Check of apparatus
  2. Routine check and maintenance
  3. Alarm Testing